Answers to your SEMRT questions.

What exactly is the Extraction/Conversion services that you provide ? What do I get from the process?

A good question. We provide an extraction service that gets as much of your data out of your current EMR system as possible. We work closely with the clinic and vendors to ensure that you have as much of your data transferred as possible.

We are not normally responsible for the import into the vendor's system - but we have worked closely with a number of them to insure that this process goes smoothly. And we are able to export to the government supported/required formats in both Alberta (COPD/TOPD) and Ontario CMS.

At the end of our part of the conversion - we provide you (and/or your vendor) with a copy of your original databases and our database layout with all your extracted data. As well, we provide an Extracted Data Viewer - which is a small program that allows you to view the converted data that we have extracted. This allows you to check the converted data - and in the future if there are any problems with the data after being imported into your vendor's EMR - you can easily view the data your original EMR system, our converted data and your new EMR to see at which step the problem occurred. This viewer may also be act as an archival system for retiring doctors.

Do you work with the Vendor I want to convert to ?

We are Vendor Neutral. We will work with any vendor to help you get your data converted. We provide your data to your vendor of choice in a clear and well documented database structure that any vendor should be able to import into their EMR system.

How do I know you have gotten all the data in the conversion ?

This is an issue with any conversion process. How do you tell if all the data was transferred? There is no simple answer - as all conversion processes are not perfect. However, we have years of experience doing EMR data conversions and work closely with all vendors to make you aware of what can be and cannot be transferred. We also provide you with an easy to use viewer that allows you to spot check the converted data - notes, images, labs, allergies, problems, medications, scheduled appointments, etc. This is something we recommend to all our clients!! You should spot check the conversion before importing it into you new EMR - and we provide the tools to do so!

Ok - you have converted my data to your database - now what ?

The first step in any of our conversions is to then provide the data to the vendor you are moving to and work with them to get it imported into their EMR system. The most common way is to use Government controlled formats like COPD in Alberta and CMS in Ontario. We can also work with the vendor if they need a custom format.

What does the Extraction fee cover ? Am I looking any hidden costs?

The extraction fee covers the actual extraction of the data from your source EMR and exports in either COPD or CMS formats, in a two pass process (trial and go live).  It covers questions from your vendor of choice about the data we will deliver to them. Included as well is the Extracted Data Viewer - so that you can view the extracted data if you so choose. We have a policy of reviewing any additional work with our clients and getting approval in writing before proceeding. This way you can be assured of what your costs are and what you are being billed for.

It does not cover the backup of the source data and shipping costs to the TimeAcct offices.  However, depending on who you get to do this service - the costs can vary.  They should not be more than $400-$500 - and that should be at the high end.

What do I need to run the Extracted Data Viewer as an Archive Solution?

You will need the following:

- A Computer running Windows

Basically - when we deliver the encrypted hard drive, it will have a TrueCrypt encrypted file that contains your data and our viewer.  It is ready to run and you can start using it immediately.  A very powerful application that is very easy to use.

Note:  We can also provide a Virtual Machine with the viewer installed, configured and ready to run.  There is an additional charge for this to cover Windows licensing and the extra time to create and configure the Virtual Machine.  This is a great solution for Mac/Apple users, as they can just run VMWare Fushion and run the Windows application right from their Mac.