SEMRT Data Conversion Services

Why Choose TimeAcct SEMRT Services?


In 2012, I worked with TimeAcct Information Systems on a  successfully but  very complicated data conversion project from one EMR to another.

We had twelve years of data, from an EMR with a very complicated series of databases  with no roadmap or index.

Bradley and his team were able, by persistence, brilliance, passion about data quality, and energy find the appropriate information and extract it to his viewer. This was an iterative project, and at each stage I helped identify the gaps or issues, and step by step perfect the download.

The data was then uploaded from the viewer to the new EMR, with the recipient vendor’s full co-operation. A few more issues became apparent and TimeAcct again tackled them with furor and these issues were quickly resolved.

What a relief to be able to walk away from an EMR with more than 90% of one’s patient data, instead of having to start afresh which so many have had to resort to, not having availed themselves of the incredible skill set at TimeAcct.

If I was asked by someone looking for data extraction/conversion help, I would without hesitation recommend TimeAcct. They have now successfully migrated data between all of the major EMR systems in Canada. The quality, cost effectiveness, and efficiency of the process is excellent; To the best of my knowledge  the value of their services is unequalled in Canada.

Ken Burgess MD CCFP
(Founding) Lead Physician and Board Chair Hamilton Family Health Team

"TimeAcct Information Systems delivered! Bradley provided personal service in a timely manner.  His excellent communication and quick response to inquiries allowed my conversion to proceed smoothly and on time.  The viewer he provided allows me to search through old patient records to gather information in a way that I may not be able to do with my current EMR.  I highly recommend him."

Ken Florence, MD   Ontario

"Brad MacDonald is a knowledgeable, organized, efficient and extremely competent IT specialist.  He was a valuable asset to our team during our transition / conversion.  The service provided by Brad at TimeAcct exceeded our expectations."

Bev Schuster, Nurse/Administrator - Alberta

"Brad MacDonald / TimeAcct was instrumental in the migration of our database from NMS to Med-Access.  He was the only one who had the skills to take the NMS data and convert it to the TOPD format which allowed Med-Access to import the data into their software.  Brad went above and beyond government requirements and helped our clinic to extract custom fields that held crucial clinic information.  Brad was always patient and easy to deal with; never showing frustration when demands were put on him to improve the quality of the old data.  We are proud to say that we have a fully functional EMR system due to a very successful data migration!"

Lois Zver, Clinic Administrator - Alberta

Our office has recently gone through a transition from the Rise Purkinje EMR to Practice Solutions under the Alberta POSP program.  When we planned this change initially we were told that POSP would handle the data migration but they reneged and indicate they didn't believe that a data migration of this type was feasible.  This would have left us in the rather unpalatable position of using a new EMR and having to maintain a legacy EMR for older data. 
I contacted Brad MacDonald and he indicated he would be able to do it.  I was initially a bit concerned as POSP indicated the difficulty with doing this.  After I talked to Brad I was convinced that he was the guy for the job. 
Our data conversion has gone very well.  Although not perfect ( which was not expected) it has transferred the vast majority of the data into the new system in a very usable form.
Basically Brad did what we were told was impossible.
He was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He immediately won my confidence.  He kept me informed at all stages of the process.  He was always available to answer question and concerns.
If you have database transition issues I would unhesitatingly recommend him.  I only wish that POSP and Practice Solutions could render the level of service he provides.
It is always easy to draft a letter of recommendation but I feel very strongly that Brad provides expert abilities with great customer service.  I am willing to back up this recommendation with a personal offer to respond to any concerns personally and feel free to contact me personally at
I  invite you to contact me personally as for me a web endorsement doesn't carry the same weight as a personal contact and I am more than happy to provide this.

Dr L.E Hunka
Orthopaedic Surgeon.
Edmonton, Alberta