SEMRT Data Conversion Services

SEMRT Data Conversion Toolset



The above diagram shows a basic overveiw of the SEMRT Toolset.  It is a set of tools, designed and developed by the SEMRT Team, from the ground up with EMR data in mind!  Unlike other toolsets that are just general Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tools - the SEMRT toolset is designed solely with EMR data in mind.

 The SEMRT Toolset revolves around the TimeAcct Extracted Database.  This allows TimeAcct to easily implement a number of tools against a common data structure, reducing development time and maximizing flexibility.  This structure allows the TimeAcct SEMRT team to quickly and easily add new EMR extracts, imports, exports and other tools to the SEMRT toolset.

The SEMRT toolset allows TimeAcct to easily extract data from any EMR we want to.  It allows us to easily customize the extract to meet the needs of each individual clinic.  We are also able to import data from any of the standard vendor extracts in Canada.  It also allows TimeAcct to easily export the gathered EMR data to various government and vendor specific formats.

As well as performing EMR data extracts and conversions, the SEMRT toolset has a very simple, but powerful, viewer application that provides a stand alone EMR data archiving solution for retiring doctors that does not require on-going fees.

If you have any questions as to what the SEMRT Toolset can do for you and your clinic - do not hesitate to contact us.