SEMRT Data Conversion Services

SEMRT Data Conversion Process



The TimeAcct SEMRT team follows the above process for each data conversion.  It is the only way to ensure that the clinic has all the data they need and want. TimeAcct is the only independant company that performs a review of the data before we provide it to the new EMR vendor!!

The standard EMR vendor exports offer a take it or leave it process and data.  You have no choice to take what they give you - or pay a huge fee to have some of the data custom extracted.  This does not allow for the fact that each clinic enters its data a little differently.  In fact we have seen doctors in the same clinic enter their data differently.  Why would you want to use a one-size-fits-all extract process?

The SEMRT process is unique in that it has custom development (included in the price!) for each clinic.  It provides the ability to customize the clinic's data extract to get the most and best quality data from their current EMR.  It also allows for data reviews with the TimeAcct SEMRT team before the data is provided to the new EMR vendor, providing additional opportunities for the clinic to have input on its final data.

We work with the clinic to understand their data, how it is entered and used to come up with a plan to move it to the new EMR in the most efficient way possible.