SEMRT Data Conversion Services

SEMRT Paper to EMR


Converting from Paper to an Electronic Medical Record

We have helped clinics move from paper charts to a full electronic medical record system.  We do this by partnering with companies that specialize scanning medical charts to PDF and other formats.  Our partners have a very good understanding of how to convert paper charts into electronic documents - and TimeAcct's SEMRT team has an unmatched understanding of electronic medical records and data conversions.  Two specialized skill sets that combine to bring you the best possible paper to EMR conversion possible.

The process allows you to decide how discreet you want to capture the records. You are able to choose how much granularity you want when scanning in the patient charts.  Do you want to have each patient's chart scanned in as one file?  Or do you want to have each piece of paper scanned in as one file?  Or are you looking for something in between the two extremes?   TimeAcct can help you determine what is best for your clinic and how move forward and get these records in your new EMR.

TimeAcct's SEMRT process allows you to see your converted records before they are given to your new EMR provider.   You can see the scanned documents - and make sure you are happy with the results before they are imported into your new system.