SEMRT Data Conversion Services

SEMRT Data Conversion Database


As part of the deliverables from our process - we provide the clinic with a fully documented MS SQL database containing the data from their EMR.  We use this database during our extraction process - and then we generate any custom exports - such as Alberta's COPD and Ontario's CMS - from that database.  It is an integral part of the SEMRT Toolset!


Our database can also be provided to your new EMR vendor if they want to deal with the raw data extract as opposed to one of our government or custom extracts.

One of the advantages of our database is that it is fully documented - and clearly laid out.  This means that vendors looking to import the extracted data will have a well documented source from which to extract the data.  Other vendors do not provide this level of documentation for their databases and thus data is sometimes missed.

As well - the database works in conjunction with our Extracted Data Viewer application to allow a user to search and view patient records.  This viewer is provided free of charge to our clients - and can be used as a form of archiving and record retention.  It can be very useful as an EMR data archiving solution for doctors who are retiring and do not want to keep their current EMR running.