Data Combining

SEMRT Data Combiner

One of the larger challenges for clinics, PCNs, FHTs, and other clinic groups is consolidated reporting.  More and more the government wants to reimburse based on results - not just fee for service.  And how do you review your patient population or participate in research without having access to and being able to report on your data?  This is a problem for physicians across the country!

TimeAcct has the solution - in its SEMRT EMR Data Combiner.  This tool allows you to take data in the two main formats in Canada (Alberta's COPD/TOPD - or - Ontario's CDS - which all EMRs are supposed to support) and import them into one database.  There is no other tool of its kind available to Physicians in Canada.  This tool can help put the control and access to the Physician's medical data back where it belongs - with the physician!

Almost every EMR in Canada (certainly all the major ones) - are required to be able to export the data in one of the two above formats.  And it must be able to be run by the physician in their clinic.  This is the data format that they all use for data conversions and is part of their certification process.  The TimeAcct SEMRT Data Combiner is able to import these files into our standard database and will allow you to import data from multiple clinics and multiple EMRs into one consolidated database!  If you have any questions or want some additional information - please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

How it Works

The process is two step.  First you need to export the data you want to analyze from your EMR(s).  The second step is to run the SEMRT Data Combiner tool and import that data into your database.  The tool provides a simple to use format for importing the data - simply choose the files (or directories) to import - and click a button.  The tool will import all selected files and provide error logging and status updates - showing you what happened during the process.


Consolidating Your Medical Data

One of the real issues for groups of clinics (such as PCNs in Alberta or FHTs and FHOs in Ontario) is consolidated reporting across multiple clincis.  In today's environment where different clinics are running different EMRs in these organizations - it is an extremely challenging issue.  This is where the SEMRT Data Collector really excels!  With this tool - you can take data from multiple clinics, running multiple different EMRs and combine it into one consolidated database.  This will allow you to query the data across you entire organization and help better manage your patient populations.

Query / Analysis / Reporting

Once you have the data in the consolidated database - then the next step is to start analyzing it!  The SEMRT Data Combiner is sold with a license to our InSights Into Data Query and Reporting tool.  This is a powerful query, analysis and reporting tool that works well with your EMR data.  With this tool you can create and run SQL queries against your data.  The tool includes a query editor, query builder (much like Microsoft Access - point and click to build your queries), a powerful result grid, a pivot grid and a very powerful report writer.  It also allows you to share queries with other users of the tool by allowing you to export and import the query and report definitions.  Visit our InSights Into Data website to learn more about it.